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New Year’s Eve Dance


In this gripping story, reality and imagination intertwine in an insidious whirlwind of events. Jake, a young and ambitious businessman, finds himself at a point where his life becomes an endless cycle of stress and fatigue. He begins to see things that could either be an illusion or reality.

One New Year’s Eve, as Jake sits alone in the lounge, he sees a mysterious dancer in his living room who captivatingly performs an erotic dance in front of him. Stunned and exhausted, he is confused and feels that it could all have been just a hallucination.

However, this vision makes him feel excited and eager to live life to the fullest for the first time. After studying many catalogs and advertisements, Jake decides to book the services of a dancer for tonight. But when the door swings open, the same mysterious girl stands before him, full of energy and mystery. She begins to dance, but this time something is different. Her movements have become more contained, restrained, giving away some strange undercurrent of fear.

Jake’s attempt to move closer proved to be a mistake. The girl sharply pushed him away, and an incomprehensible scuffle broke out. Where the girl began to chastise the insolent man for being a loose cannon. And shows him where he belongs.

You will get 13:40 min 1080HD 30FPS video.

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